Le Château and Les Résidences

The Château de Vianges is a registered French Monument Historique and it is one of the most ancient maisons-fortes (fortified houses) of the Côte-d'Or, Department of Burgundy. Located in the Regional Park of Morvan it is a charming location for a relaxing holiday ideal for wine lovers, surrounded by inspiring landscapes, historic towns and villages, rich with culture and tradition, scattered around the rural nature of Burgundy, away from the noisy and crowded modern lifestyle. 

Originally built in the 11th Century, in 1305 it was officially listed as defensive military post.  Today, after careful restoration, the castle displays both 17th and 18th century facades with large windows, preserved roofs and towers and a characteristic pigéonnier. There are two portals, one facing North and the other, with turrets, facing East. According to the Côte-d'Or Departmental Archives, a local family owned the Château de Vianges until the 13th Century when the Cussigny family bought the property.

It was Philippe Saladin de Cussigny who transformed the property from a military structure into a stylish and elegant castle, following the Renaissance architectural taste and fashion of that time. In 1704, the castle was sold to Claude de Morey who became Marquis de Vianges in 1723 and then Governor of Vézelay. In 1750 Jean-Baptiste de Mac Mahon by marrying Charlotte de Morey, the young widow of the late Marquis, acquired both property and title for its family. In 1859, the General Patrice de Mac-Mahon after his victory at the Battle of Magenta under Napoleon III, became the first Duke of Magenta and later President of the French Republic. In 1997 the Château de Viange was sold to an Italian aristocratic family, who carefully restored and furnished the entire property as their French country house. 

All around the Regional Park of Morvan, you can enjoy a memorable experience, indulge in regional dishes and in wine tasting, drive along the Route des Grands Crus and visit the cellars of famous winemakers in the most renowned terroir of France.


A fascinating environment, plenty of historic sites, castles and monuments among which the world famous Hospices de Beaune and the Cluny Abbey, both UNESCO World Heritage sites, that you can visit by land, water channels or even by air balloon, flying over villages and vineyards in the heart of the Côte d’Or.

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